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Randy Hardin Farms Inc. in Grady, Arkansas—just minutes from Pine Bluff—owns and operates a sawmill which specializes in cypress lumber. A sawmill is a facility which processes raw logs or timber into lumber for sale. We process wooden logs from felled trees into wooden boards that are cut into standardized sizes to be used for fences, decks, construction, and more. We encourage and employ environmentally friendly forestry practices in all of our operations.

In the 1600s, sawmills centralized timber processing which allowed for a higher volume of timber to be processed in one location. Originally, sawmills were powered by water and then steam. As time progressed, sawmills were powered by electricity which we use today.

At Randy Hardin Farms Inc., we employ a highly efficient and methodical milling system in order to ensure that our cuts are straight, square, and accurate. We take great care of our wood so that it is attractive in appearance and strongly suitable for its purposes. In this sawmill, we not only provide precise wood cuts, but we can also provide quality work in fencing. Trust in us for all of your wood cuts and fencing needs!

The cypress tree is known as the cedar of the south, and Randy Hardin Farms Inc. specializes in cypress lumber. Cypress wood generates its own preservative oils which make it resistant to insects, chemical corrosion, decay, and other damaging elements. This makes cypress a wood of choice for outdoor furniture and exterior uses such as fencing. Here at Randy Hardin Farms Inc. we will custom cut Cypress to the customers’ specifications. Cypress is a beautiful and functional wood and Randy Hardin Farms Inc. is proud to specialize in it.

Contact Randy Hardin Farms Inc. to learn more about our sawmill and to find out how we can provide you with high quality and functional wood to meet all of your furniture or construction needs in the Grady, AR area.

Randy Hardin Farms Inc. has a high standard of craftsmanship and we are proud to provide quality wood to our extended community.

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